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It seems, no one wants a troubled boy, leave alone the troubled boy
Kid Cudi 

so crazy thinking about pharrell dropping this album. i mean it’s been freaking 8 years since in my mind.. almost a decade dude. no surprise with the album title, he’s always talking about his respect for women in his interviews. but yeah, this is insane. he claimed that this wasn’t gonna be the best album of the year or anything but i call bs, this is gonna take him to a whoooooole OTHER level pun intended. everybody’s about to be bandwagoning but in a sense i ain’t even made cuzz i’ve been this dude’s #1 fan since forever ago and i take pride in my ability list off the types of detailed info i know about pharrell and his work so it’s all gucci. props to pharrell though man, i tip my big Arby’s hat to him lol because his success just keeps getting better and better  

Pharrell Williams - G I R L

I can’t even believe this is really happening but omg it’s really happening